Target generation

One of our specialties is the spectral interpretation of multispectral satellite imagery such as Landsat and Aster in order to locate potential alteration and to map zoning in hydrothermal alteration systems.


Spectral analysis is not just a matter of blunt processing using complex algorithms. Above all, it is an art!

Every project requires its own tailor-made approach.


It requires expierience and a lot of manual fine-tuning in order to be able to recognise  subtle features, patterns and tonal subtleties, which are often characteristic for zoned alteration systems.


Over the past 25 years we have worked succesfully on a variety of alteration systems around the globe, such as:


  • high-sulphidation systems
  • low and intermediate sulphidation
  • Porphyry systems
  • IOCG-systems
  • Skarns
  • Iron-ore deposits
  • Bauxite & nickel laterite environments

Processing of individual scenes as well as demanding projects, such as the interpretation of large parts of Turkey, Kazakhstan, Tibet, Ethiopia, Peru or Chile is our daily work.

In each project, big or small, we see it as our responsibility to carefully guide our client in order to make sure that the client receives the best possible product for his project in a most cost-effective manner